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  • SITAU PRT phased array technology offers you the flexibility of a custom-made system at a very competitive price in a portable device. The number of active channels and encoder inputs, and the type of connector and case are some of the configurable parameters to better adapt the equipment to the field inspection.

    By using and external computer, SITAU PRT offers robustness and flexibility, being the computer an easily replaceable product.

  • - Batteries: 2 lithium batteries of 6.6 Ah each

    - Dimensions: 490 x 230 x 400 mm, rough case.

    - Excitation voltage: 100V

    - Pulse width: Programmable from 50 ns to 1.6 us, (resolution of 6.25 ns)

    - Pulse repetition frequency (PRF): Up to 20kHz

    - Burst mode (Up to 256 consecutive pulses) and Coded Excitation (up to 16 bits).

    - Amplifier Gain: Programmable between 0 and 100 dB

    - TGC: Arbitrary Time-Gain-Compensation curve (2048 points)

    -  Bandwidth (-3 dB):    0.8 MHz to 16 MHz

    -  Channel Cross-Talk: < -40 dB at 5 MHz

    -  A/D Resolution: 12 bits

    - Sampling frequency: up to 40 MHz

    - Hardware interpolation: 160 MHz (Lagrange filter bank)

    - Focusing delays: Programmable for each channel (up to 409 μs, with a resolution of 6.25 ns). Independent for emission and reception.

    - Dynamic Depth Focusing: True Dynamic depth focusing at all samples in real time.

    - Several trigger modes: Internal, PRF, External, Encoder.

    - Digital Filter: Band-Pass filter with programmable cutoff frequencies

    63 coefficients FIR implementation.

    - Envelope detection: Digital, implemented by Hilbert Transform.

    - Scan compression: Non-Peak-Loss compression algorithm, up to 128:1 compression rate.

    - Grain Noise Reduction filter (GNR).

    - Acquisition modes: A-scan, B-scan, peak position and amplitude (gates), encoders count.

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