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  • ultrasound ndt wood


    UltraWood is a special version of UltraScope adapted for the diagnosis of the structural condition of trees and processed woods.

    By using a non-destructive technique, the equipment is able to detect internal defects such as holes or cracks that disturb the sound propagation inside the sample.

    The system can work with both impact-induced waves and electrical excitation of a piezoelectric transducer.

    Unlike other equipments in the market that only gives the time-of-flight measurement, UltraWood can register the whole received signal (A-Scan) for being processed later, an essential feature for R&D in this field.

    The UltraWood system has 1 UT channel with 2 connectors:

              -   Trigger (Connector 1): In this connector the user has to plug the transducer which signal starts the data acquisition process,

              -    Receiver (Connector 2): In this connector the user has to plug the transducer used to get the ultrasonic signal.

  • Receiver:

    -       Bandwidth from 20 KHz to 2.5 MHz (- 3 dB)

    -       Programmable sampling frequency from 1.25 MHz to 20 MHz

    -       10 bits A/D conversor

    -       Programmable Gain  up to 80 dB

    -       TGC curve

    -       Attenuator -20 dB

    -       Automatic start of the acquisition with programmable threshold (echo-start)

    Signal processing:

    -       EMI Filter.

    o     Removes, in real-time, the impulsive noise

    o     Improves flaw detection and reduces the production of false alarms

    o     Keeps a high dynamic range in noisy environments for C and D-scans

    -       Band-Pass filter with programmable cut-off frequencies.

    -       Scan compression with Non-Peak-Loss compression algorithm, up to 128:1 compression rate.

    -       Programmable hardware and software gates to detect of the maximum, minimum, the first peak over the threshold, positive edge or negative edge

    -       Acquisition information data in real-time: A-scan, peak position and amplitude (gates).

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