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Using epoxy adhesives to joint fiberglass composite (GFRP) parts is a common practice to build larger components. It is the case of windmill blades, where structural strips are bonded to the blade inner surface, both manufactured with GFRP. Structural resistance of the blade depends on these joints quality, and hence, non destructive evaluation is mandatory to guarantee component life.

Non destructive evaluation of GFRP using ultrasound is a challenging task. Microstructure of fiberglass and resin composites introduces dispersive effects on ultrasound waves, which is seen as grain noise and produces high attenuation to ultrasonic signals. The traditional approach to overcome these problems is using low frequency transducers (typically 500 kHz), at the expense of loosing resolution, and hence, the capability to detect small defects or to inspect low thickness components.

In this work, results from the inspection of a strip bonded joint of a windmill blade using phased-array are presented. It is demonstrated how this method provides high resolution images at the same time inspection time is greatly reduced.

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In this work, the evaluation of brake disc fixation bolt integrity, used at high speed train wheels, is presented. Inspection procedure is detailed, and it is shown how progressive focusing technique (ProFoc®) ensures the best lateral resolution at any inspection depth.

The goal of the inspection is to detect three artificial notches that emulate a broken thread at different depths. Figure 2 shows resultant images with three configurations: (a) fixed focus at 20mm, (b) fixed focus at 40 mm and (c) progressive focusing (ProFoc®).

A quite short deep of field (DOF) is obtained when a single focus is applied, which prevents to evaluate the whole component with a single image. Progressing focusing technique overcomes this problem, because it maintains a constant angular resolution at any inspection depth.

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DASEL launches a series of handheld tools for NDT, based on Android Operative System.

Ultrasound Calc, Phased Array Wizard and TOFD-Calc contain all calculations which are frequently required in industrial applications by NDT technicians of levels II  and III.

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MotorMOTION is a fully programmable stepper motor control unit, capable of simultaneously controlling up to 3 axes, with configurable acceleration ramp and micro-steps.

It also includes 6 limit switches and emergency stop switch control, and supports motor currents from 1.2A up to 5.6A. This unit is provided with an user software with B and C-Scan capabilities. It also includes a programming library for C++, LabView and Matlab developments.

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FocalSim is a fast simulation software suite can handle complex geometries, as well as the latest developments in probes, inspection strategies and data-analysis techniques.

Being able to accurately simulate your inspection during the design process, it allows you to identify and account for critical issues. This procedure greatly reduces unforeseen problems, and thus, additional costs during operation

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